Commercial Real Estate Mentoring/Coaching

A top commercial real estate mentor, Howard Edward Haller, says:

Most online courses or books that “teach” you about commercial real estate lack this one important thing…

What happens when you have a question?

As you go through the process of discovering the ins and outs of commercial real estate, you’ll have many, many questions come to mind. Some may be huge and involved. Some may be minuscule. But if you can’t get answers to your questions, you become stumped. And that’s frustrating!

You Can Become a Commercial Real Estate Owner

This is not a static course where you’re just watching a video. This commercial real estate course has personal notes pages so you can keep track of what you’re seeing and hearing. Then you can ask any questions you have about the program material within each module. I will personally answer your questions about the content.

That is really the essential part of this program, to understand that you have direct access to me personally as your commercial real estate mentor. I will review and answer all of your questions about the content.

The commercial real estate investing program is real world, step-by-step training, that can take a decade or two off your learning experience and get you right out there where you can find a deal, gather the information, analyze the deal, write a contract, structure a deal, get the financing, close the deal, and make it a cash flowing property. There’s your reward!

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In it you’ll discover:

  • The truth of why it is easier to invest in commercial real estate than it is to buy a house!
  • A little-know website where you can find $425 Billion in commercial properties today.
  • My secret hack, that brings the best cash-flowing properties to the top with a single click.
  • How to ensure a property can put money into your bank account each and every month!

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You’ll learn the secret to why it is easier to invest in commercial real estate than it is to buy a house.

Even if you’re a newbie, or have already investing in other types of real estate, or are currently working as a real estate agent or broker, it’s a comprehensive course in every way, shape, or form. The complete training system currently has over 70 online modules, and frankly, more are on their way, because this is a living course. I’m creating more videos as they are needed to add to your skill set and give you the tools and insights you need to go to the next level. And you’ll have the convenience of watching and listening from your computer, iPad, iPod, or smart phone, because this course is available in all of those modalities.

Dr. Haller's Pyramid of Cs
This is the pyramid of Cs.You may even be below that box in your uncomfortable zone. Well, immediately as you start the course, you are going to come into your comfortable zone. And as you are presented with the insider secrets and the puzzle pieces come together, you’re going to get confident, then competent, and will be able to work your way up the pyramid. Remember, as your online commercial real estate mentor, I will be answering your questions about the course material in the comments section.

“Join Dr. Haller’s group of successful mentees!”

Here are just a few comments from Doc Haller’s mentees:

“There’s no question he can’t answer and no problem without a solution.”
“Doc’s Mentoring was specific to our needs! Practical Application! Great insight!”
“First time investing in multi-family investments. Great Experience!”


“Just Do It-it works! I bought 2 apartment buildings [57 units total] with only $2000 down!”
Learned how to judge properties-tweaked my ad-I got 2 replies in one day!”
“We found a deal! Super Excited!”
“He personalized the information we needed to know. Jam packed-Awesome!”
“I found and got a 9-Unit cash-flowing apartment building financed-while I was out-of-work!”

The complete Commercial Real Estate Investing course will include:

  • 70+ HD videos
  • 20+ hours of instruction
  • 60+ transcripts
  • 60+ worksheets (notes pages)
  • 60+ action plans
  • 60+ review quizzes
  • 10+ downloadable investing tools
  • Get answers to your questions from Doc Haller
  • 4 live online webinars (in the first 12 months)
  • 30-day, no-questions-asked, iron-clad, money-back guarantee

It’s like having a personal commercial real estate mentor at an affordable price!

In the Commercial Real Estate Investing course you’ll discover…

The keys to Commercial Real Estate
Commercial/Investment Real Estate
  • How to find highly motivated commercial real estate owners and understand their needs/problem/situation
  • How to establish necessary investment criteria
  • How to meet with commercial and investment real estate brokers
  • How to structure Commercial Real Estate deals
  • How to write offers on properties on both Commercial and Investment Real Estate
  • How to present offers to brokers and/or owners
  • How to analyze the deal and look for ways to solve a highly motivated owner’s needs/problems/situation
  • How to create an “out-of-the-box” deal structure to solve a highly motivated seller’s problems/situation
  • How to design an offer (or letter of intent) for the seller and get them a great deal
  • How to successfully negotiate the final deal
  • How to arrange financing “out-of-the-box” including seller financing and/or many other techniques
  • How to structure the nontraditional closing date to maximize credits from the seller to the buyer at closing
  • How to identify target Off-Market commercial real estate properties
  • How to gather date for the due diligence of accepted offers on Commercial Real Estate
  • How to successful complete the Due Diligence on Commercial Real Estate acquisitions
  • How to build your own Commercial Real Estate investing team
  • How to find, screen, hire and oversee/manage your Commercial Property Managers

What Some of Our Successful Mentees Are Saying:

Haller Commercial Real Estate Mentees

“What has separated me and my mentees from other commercial real estate investors is:

1) the ability to find on and off-market deals with highly motivated commercial real estate owners

2) the ability to uniquely structure an out-of-the-box deal structure and

3) the ability to present the deal in a manner which is attractive to the seller.” ~ Doc Haller

Portions of Proceeds Go to Habitat for Humanity