Dr. Haller Bio

Dr Haller PMI Canadian & US 1x1 Mentor Feb 2014

Howard Edward Haller. Ph.D.

Commercial Real Estate Mentor
Commercial Real Estate Investor
Residential Real Estate Mentor
Residential Real Estate Investor (for over 40 years)
Real Estate Broker (Licensed in California for 30 years)
Licensed California General Contractor (25+ years)
Licensed California Engineering Contractor (15 years)
Commercial & Residential Real Estate Developer
Commercial Real Estate Broker
Real Estate Speaker & Trainer
Keynote Real Estate Speaker
Real Estate Trainer (with over 10,000 Students)
Real Estate Mentor (with over 590 One-on-One Mentees)
Probate (& Pre-Probate) Real Estate Expert & Speaker
Medical Office Building Expert & Speaker
Entrepreneurship Speaker

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