Equity Funds Buy $7 BILLION of REO Homes for Buy, Fix & Hold


Large Real Estate Equity Funds are Buying Huge Blocks (literally $7 BILLION) of Foreclosed Homes in blocks from Banks and then renting the Homes and then putting them into Real Estate Rental-Backed Securities

Estate Equity Funds are building their portfolios with REOs
Estate Equity Funds are Buying $Trillions of REO Homes
This is an Important follow up on my article from September 21, 2102 on Major real-state investors maximizing their REO portfolio value with on a new type of security that is tied to the rental housing market.

BLOOMBERG posted an article in which they commented that Large Real Estate Equity Funds “HAVE RAISED NEARLY $7,000,000,000 ($ BILLION) to Buy, Fix and then Rent Foreclosed Homes!”

The magnitude of this Real Estate Land (REO) Grab is cross-verified by HOUSINGWIRE “Large Wall Street Investors rushing into the foreclosure market have raised between $6 Billion and $8 Billion, with the intent to acquire between 40,000 and 80,000 foreclosed homes nationwide in the months ahead.”

On top of that the major banks continue to hold a major inventory of foreclosed home off the market with apparently the desire to increase home prices before they start releasing REO’s to Realtor for listings.

Investors need to beware and then seek and find good real estate investments!

Note: Great Real Estate deals are still out there you need to find them.
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