What is affecting the REO for sale inventory?

The REO for sale inventory of listed in late 2012 of available for sale Bank owned properties across America has been materially reduced with the large Bulk purchases of Seven Billion Dollars REO’s by Private Equity Funds in 2012 to build a Rental Pool of REO properties as Buy, Fix and Hold Residential Real Estate deals. Additionally, some large investors groups (& some Hedge Funds) have bought bulk purchases for Buy, Fix and Flip transactions and some are doing Buy, Fix and Hold deals.

But their is another logical reason for the reason for the reduced REO inventory! Are they trying to reduce the available inventory of home for sale and thereby increase home prices? Price vs. Demand is Basic Economics!

Dr. Howard Edward Haller,

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However, across the US in the major real estate markets fewer new Bank Owned Properties (REO’s) have been listed for sale with Realtors over the last few months, since the late Summer of 2012. We know the banks still have Billions of Dollars of REO’s.

Watch for the possible increase of Bank REO’s into the inventory of available for sale REO homes the Spring of 2013.

Take care and Good Hunting for Great Real Estate Deals!

There are many great deals that are not REO’s and many are Not even listed.
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